Destroy your confidential Documents

There are laws in place that require businesses to destroy specific paperwork that details certain personal information about their employees and customers. Our paper destruction and shredding services are the best solution to eliminating documents. Our shredders destroy the documents so they cannot be put back together.

Eco-Friendly Shredding Solutions

Our business believes in protecting the environment, and that is why we have enacted eco-friendly business practices. We recycle all of the paper that is shredded here in our company.

Service Contracts Available

We offer service contracts for businesses that need more than just a one-time shred. Our contracts operate on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis for your convenience.

Pick-Up or Drop-Off Services

When you need documents shredded, you can bring them to us, or we can pick them up from you. Our services are fast, reliable, and convenient.

We always welcome walk-ins to our facility, and you can watch as your documents are shredded.

Paper Shredding

Since 1994 we have been securely shredding sensitive and confidential documents and recycling paper products for clients all over Los Angeles County. Our excellent customer service, secure and reliable document destruction... Read More about Paper Shredding [+]

Onsite Secure Shredding

We offer on-site document destruction on a regularly scheduled or one time basis. Whether its once a month, bi-weekly or weekly, you can rely on the expertise and professionalism of our trained document destruction... Read More about Onsite Secure Shredding [+]

Offsite Secure Shredding

We empty your consoles into large locked bins or switch out large full bins for empty bins. We then securely transport all documents in locked containers to our shredding facility until they are emptied into our shredder to... Read More about Offsite Secure Shredding [+]

Medical Records Shredding

We shred medical records for hospitals, doctors, and medical facilities.  We know how important it is to keep personal patient information safe, that's why we are a HIPAA certified business, because we take privac... Read More about Medical Records Shredding [+]

Certified Document Destruction

We are HIPAA certified and offer a certificate of destruction after all jobs are complete. We know how important it is to protect sensitive information and we take matter of privacy seriously. You can trust us to completel... Read More about Certified Document Destruction [+]

Legal Document Shredding

We shred legal documents for attorneys, CPAs, law firms, and lawyers alike. Your clients trust you with confidential information, and you can trust us to destroy those documents when they are no longer needed.  Read More about Legal Document Shredding [+]

Military Document Shredding

We shred military documents on military bases whenever needed. We've done several jobs at Edwards Air Force Base in Rosamond, California. Our federal government and military branches trust Shreds Unlimited to destroy... Read More about Military Document Shredding [+]

Secure Shredding Bins

We provide secure consoles, security cabinets, shred boxes, and plastic containers at no charge which are all locked and secure for privacy protection.  We will pick up and empty those containers into a new locked con... Read More about Secure Shredding Bins [+]

Security Shred Consoles

We offer on site shredding where we pick up documents and shred them in the parking lot in our specially designed mobile shredding truck. All documents are thoroughly destroyed before we leave the property.  Read More about Security Shred Consoles [+]

Mobile Paper Shredding

Shreds Unlimited offers residential document destruction where we bring our mobile shred truck to your home or storage facility and shred everything on-site so you can witness all your documents being destroyed. We also offer... Read More about Residential Mobile Paper Shredding [+]

Walk-In Shredding

Walk-ins are welcome! We invite everyone to bring their documents to our facility to be destroyed and receive a discounted price. Whether your documents are in boxes, plastic bags or plastic containers, one of our technici... Read More about Walk-In Shredding [+]